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the 4-Week Lockdown


The Remix 4-Week Lockdown Challenge is here!


Our Remix Challenges are famous for delivering awesome results. We want to get you back on track during lockdown to come out of this period the best version of yourself!


 What you will get:

- Two interactive Facebook live workouts each weekday (and one each Saturday morning) with a qualified Remix personal trainer

- Daily workout reminders via text

- Personal nutrition recommendations for lockdown period

- A Remix health coach to keep you on track and accountable to your goals (with weekly targets)

- Initial 1-1 consultation with your Remix health coach

- Weekly check in with your Remix health coach

- A weekly entry into the draw for our awesome prize pool for each week that you meet your assigned targets

All this for only $55!

Start date: Monday 27th April

And if we end lockdown early, you will get unlimited access to Remix Fitness Studio classes!

To register:

Kay, Remix Member

So far I've lost 15kgs and I'm really proud of myself. The support, time willingness and determination from Sye & Jessy helped push me further and thanks to Keds & Gary for creating the space to allow me to get to where I am now.

Renae, Remix Member

Just finished a 6-week challenge with the number one gym in gissy. I'm freaking out posting this on my more open account but Gary and Keds deserve the recognition! They are conscientiously providing a space where you feel comfortable and supported while trying to get fit and healthy. If you haven't sussed them out, I highly recommend you do!

Courtney, Remix Member

6 week challenge completed and I am 7.5kgs down. I lost 12cm off my waist, 9cm off my bust and 6cm off my hips. My BMI has gone down and my muscle mass has gone up. I made healps of new friends and am so thankful to the trainers for pushing us through it.

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