the playlist

The Playlist is our blueprint for a perfect fitness membership

Our three key membership components will bring the bass, rhythm and beat that you need in your life!


The BASS component of your Remix membership are our SYSTEMS FOR SUCCESS. Our goal-setting and accountability systems will to get you to your goals, ensuring you enjoy every step in the journey.

Your journey with us begins with an initial 1-1 consultation with a Remix Personal Trainer where we'll set goals and create a plan together to achieve them. You'll then get a text or phone call check-in from us every 2 weeks for the first month of your membership to see how you are going! We'll check in with you every month from then on to see how you are progressing towards your goals, and check-in again if we haven't seen you for a while.

You want results? Our systems will get you there!


The BEAT component of your Remix membership are our AWESOME WORKOUTS. We design the workouts so all you have to do is turn up, sweat up and go!


Our workout timetable changes every week to keep the body guessing. Workouts range from pylometric 'jump' training, to weight training, cardiovascular, yoga-based workouts and so much more! A qualified Remix Personal Trainer will always be there to support you as you train. After your workout, put your name on our Remix in-studio blackboard to keep track of your sessions, and get your name in our Remix Monthly Consistency Prize draw if you complete 3+ sessions in the week. Every 12 weeks we'll test you with the Remix Sound Off  - a fitness-test workout designed to track your progress.

Image by C D-X

The RHYTHM component of your Remix membership is our CREW LIKE NO OTHER. We build a crew around you to keep you motivated, excited and working towards your goals!

Each month at Remix will be full of Remix Social Events - from hikes to movie nights to candle-making, all opportunities to make friends and build bonds. As a member, you'll also get priority access to our paid Remix premium events - extra special events such as getting an expert in to speak on a topic. You'll also get access to the Remix Gisborne Crew Facebook page where you'll find updates and lots of motivation. We also give out random loyalty coffee vouchers and milestone prizes for reaching your workout goals!

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